Shifting Impulse Box Set by Aurora Woodlove (ePUB)

Shifting Impulse Box Set by Aurora Woodlove (#1-3)
English | 2016 | Paranormal Romance | 318 KB

Book 1 – Anna and the Bear
Anna Morison is a sassy, curvy, thirty-year-old, workaholic, corporate attorney who decides to dance the night away at her favorite club, SI. She finds herself captive in a hot stranger’s arms and she is set on letting him know she isn’t interested. Is that really the case or is she just kidding herself? In contrast with Anna’s indecision, bear shifter Adam Ford knows exactly what and who he wants and is very determined to hold on to his fated mate.

Book 2 – Celine and the Bear
After an awful day and several lost rounds of darts at SI, Ryan Ford, Adam’s twin, bumps into his fated mate, Celine. Here’s the catch, Ryan’s not in the best of places. He’s struggling to get his bear under control and keep his life and business at a very high level. Being the bold, commanding yet curious Alpha that he is, Ryan uses Celine’s birthday as an excuse to talk to the woman who manages to render his bear speechless Celine James only wants to live a peaceful life and has been doing just fine on her own. Deciding the hot guy who gets her a present for her birthday is only looking for a one night stand, she gives in thinking one memorable night is enough.

Book 3 – Janet and the Bear
Janet Parker, bartender at Shifting Impulse, had mixed feelings about being at work that night. That was mainly because she organized her friend’s birthday party, took the night off weeks in advance, but ended up working anyway. The last thing she needed was a scorching-hot shifter following her every move from a distance. Landscape and wildlife photographer Sean Spike only intended to be in North Bloom Lake for a weekend to attend his friend’s photography exhibition. He doesn’t expect to find the woman who can awaken his bear with just her presence. Not in a club called Shifting Impulse anyway. Protecting their hearts from being shattered into million pieces again is high on their priority list, but is loneliness really a fair price to pay?

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