Silence Is Golden by Laura Mercuri (ePUB)

Silence Is Golden by Laura Mercuri
English | Romance | EPUB | 447 Kb

Twenty-six-year-old Emilia is desperate for a fresh start. After the death of her mother, she flees her childhood home and her cruel, domineering father for a new life in the remote Trentino Mountains of northern Italy. There she finds Bren, a beautiful village rich in lush forests and rushing streams—and unwelcoming locals. Despite the community’s frosty reception of this foreign redheaded girl with sad eyes, Emilia decides to make Bren her home, and she soon settles into a quiet new routine. But the simple small-town life she’d longed for suddenly becomes complicated when she meets handsome, mysterious carpenter Aris. Although their initial attraction is startlingly strong, between their veiled pasts and the village’s stark disapproval, can Emilia and Aris build a home to shelter their burgeoning love?

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