Sleight by Tom Twitchel (ePUB)

Sleight by Tom Twitchel (Benjamin Brown #2)
English | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 594 KB

When he escapes from a kidnapper Benjamin Brown successfully avoids giving details to the police that would have revealed his supernatural knacks. His sometime-girlfriend, Justine Winters, wasn’t as lucky. When she shows up at his door a month later, Benjamin isn’t sure how to react. She’s changed, and sporting a terrifying new feature that looks exactly like the one possessed by their abductor. When she refuses to explain where she’s been Benjamin suspects that Justine is hiding a dark secret that threatens both of them.
As he tries to unravel Justine’s mystery, he is forced to protect himself from a band of supernatural predators and stumbles into the middle of a magical conflict that has been brewing for over a hundred years. While trying to stay off the radar of a nosy detective and using his abilities to fend off enemies, he begins to question his own morality and that of his friends, wondering whether they have crossed a line that separates hero from monster.

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