Soul Standard by Various Authors (ePUB)

Soul Standard by Richard Thomas, Caleb Ross, Axel Taiari, Nik Korpon
English | 2016 | Mystery | 238 KB

Across four different districts of a city that has torn itself to shreds, four different interweaving tales (each written by a different author) play out.
In “Four Corners” a morally dubious banker must keep his employer happy at any cost.
The next story, “Punhos Sagrados” concerns a boxer who finds himself torn between honor and the woman he loves.
“Golden Geese” follows a hardened criminal with a terrifying condition who must come to terms with the life he’s led.
Finally, “Jamais Vu” provides a stunning denouement as a man searches endless for his missing daughter, a task which is complicated by a peculiar condition: his inability to recognize faces.
Told in rugged, bare-knuckled prose, The Soul Standard is a nonstop thrill-ride down the darkened avenues and through the shadowed alleys of a nightmare town.

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