Souls At Zero by Neal Martin (ePUB, MOBI)

Souls At Zero by Neal Martin (Harry Edger #1)
English | 2016 | Fiction, Humor | 2 MB

Private investigator Harry Edger is drugged while out having breakfast with his twelve year old daughter Kaitlin in Belfast. When he wakes up, Edger discovers someone has taken his precious daughter.
Not long after, Edger is contacted by the kidnapper, who wants Edger to kill the Lord Mayor of Belfast within the next twenty-four hours. If Edger fails to assassinate the politician on time, or if he goes to the cops, the kidnapper promises to hurt Kaitlin…and to keep hurting her until Edger succeeds in the assassination.
Anyone else in Edger’s position might not know what to do. But Edger isn’t like everyone else. He’s a former crack Foreign Legionnaire and experienced security operative, having fought and protected in some of the worlds worst war-zones for over twenty years. If anyone is going to get his daughter back, it’s Edger.
As Edger sets out to free Kaitlin from the hands of the kidnapper, things begin to spiral out of control, and Edger soon finds himself facing a conspiracy of dark proportions involving organized child abuse, murder, kidnapping, a cold blooded psychopath and a shocking science experiment that traces back to the Nazis.
To go up against this dark conspiracy and survive, Edger must use every ounce of his considerable skill and experience, in the process coming face to face with the truth about his shady past.

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