Stronger than Bone by Sidney Wood (ePUB)

Stronger than Bone by Sidney Wood (Thicker than Blood #1)
English | 2016 | Fantasy | 3.5 MB

Lynn Hayes is a battle hardened veteran who doesn’t flinch, he swings hard. When a mercenary named Death brings a crew of cutthroats to kill him and his daughter, Lynn is forced to pick up his axe and fight. Death proves harder to kill than expected, and serves as warning of a horrific blood sickness that hails from across the contested border.
Allied with a smart aleck Lieutenant and a luckless cripple, Lynn knows that fighting dirty is the only way to win. The bloody fight that ensues awakens the sleeping warrior inside him and sparks a war that brings sweeping change to the Kingdom.
Under the banner of the elite Axe Battalion, Lynn Hayes, the Hero of Bloody Draw, Bloody Beach, and Hidden Valley leads an army to defeat the traitorous nobles and the invading rebels who have brought the mysterious blood magic with them.

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