The 7 Laws Of Self-Discipline by Brian Cagneey (ePUB, MOBI)

The 7 Laws Of Self-Discipline: Become Strong, Become Confident And Create Your Success by Brian Cagneey
English | 2016 | Non-Fiction, Self-Help | 421 KB

Would you like to feel:
and Successful?
If so, you must read Brian Cagneey’s The 7 Laws of Self-Discipline: Become Strong, Become Confident and Create Your Success! . Part of the popular “7 Laws” series, this book contains proven steps and strategies for mastering your mind, avoiding distractions, and increasing your willpower and productivity. Brian provides a wealth of simple, easy-to-follow techniques and leads you through this challenging and rewarding journey of self-discovery!

The 7 Laws of Self Discipline can change your life! Inside this insightful book, you’ll discover:
The 1st Law of Self-Discipline: Do It 100% Every Time
The 2nd Law of Self-Discipline: Begin With Small Things
The 3rd Law of Self-Discipline: Train Your Focus
The 4th Law of Self-Discipline: Burn Your Boats
The 5th Law of Self-Discipline: Set Your Autopilot
The 6th Law of Self-Discipline: More Than One Goal
The 7th Law of Self-Discipline: The Foundation of Self-Discipline
Most self-control books teach the basic white-knuckle approach to discipline, but with this powerful self-discipline and willpower book, you can understand the barriers to progress, like excuses, blame, and denial. You’ll have the strength to see reality as it really is – and start telling yourself the truth. By giving yourself simple, easy-to-achieve goals and choices, you can rewire your brain for success!

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