The Alpine Project by K.M. Holt (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

The Alpine Project by K.M. Holt
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.2 MB

THE ALPINE PROJECT by K.M. Holt is a debut medical thriller that follows New York City Detective Bettina D’Amico, a single Italian-American mother, and her partner, Detective Sean Murray, as they investigate the murder of Alexandre Roetger, a renowned biochemist who was on the verge of bringing to market a revolutionary growth hormone. Their investigation leads them into the ruthless world of the pharmaceutical industry. Wenn Tech, the global leader in growth hormone, had been in talks with Nuevo Labs to acquire the rights to Roetger’s research, but with Roetger standing in the way of the negotiations, the police suspect someone at Wenn Tech is involved in his murder. The cast of characters includes Roetger’s estranged daughter, Dr. Margolinda Alkin (Margo), who had been very vocal about her father’s work and the potential for abuse before his death; Joseph “Gunz” Tambone, an aging action star who is arrested in Italy after authorities confiscate the growth hormone from his luggage; and Wenn Tech’s rising star, Dr. Bradley Carlson, who has been promoted to oversee FDA approval of the newly acquired prodrug. With shocking secrets dating back to World War II, THE ALPINE PROJECT asks how far medical research may go to promote life for some people at the expense of others.

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