The Bourne Enigma by Eric Van Lustbader (ePUB, MOBI)

The Bourne Enigma by Eric Van Lustbader (Jason Bourne series Book 13)
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.5 MB

On the eve of Russian general Boris Karpov’s wedding, Jason Bourne receives an enigmatic message from his old friend and fellow spymaster. In Moscow, what should be a joyous occasion turns bloody and lethal. Now Bourne is the only one who can decipher Karpov’s cryptogram. He discovers that Karpov has betrayed his sovereign to warn Bourne of a crippling disaster about to be visited on the world. Bourne has only four days to discover the nature of the disaster and stop it.
The trail Karpov has been following leads Bourne to Cairo and the doorstep of Ivan Borz, the elusive international arms dealer infamous for hiding behind a never-ending series of false identities, a man Bourne has been hunting ever since he abducted former Treadstone director Soraya Moore and her two-year-old daughter and brutally murdered Soraya’s husband.
Bourne must travel to war-torn Syria and then Cyprus as he chases the astonishing truth. The clock is ticking, and Bourne has less than four days to solve Karpov’s riddle–and hunt down Borz–if he hopes to prevent a cataclysmic international war . ..

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  1. FilesCDN seems to be throwing lots of popups and seems untrustworthy. Bytwehale is available only for premium members. Any other upload options available, nextek?

  2. I have found FilesCDN quick and easy to use as long as it’s the white “direct download” button that is clicked as per previous instructions.

  3. Sorry. After closing lots of popups FilesCDN is working fine. Thanks for the update Sammy67. Thanks 2 nextek for these books. Cheers

  4. I just discovered this site and I want to say I love it so much..loads of latest books.

  5. Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate place to request a title. But could you please try for Naoko by Keigo Higashino in English language.

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