The Bulletproof Brain by Roy Curlin (ePUB)

The Bulletproof Brain: Learn Brain Consciousness, The Power Of Reframing, And Brain Nutrition by Roy Curlin
English | Personal Development & Self-Help | ePUB | 500 KB

Life truly is a beautiful kaleidoscope of experiences that are designed to be the greatest of teachers if only we allow it in. However most of us have allowed our hearts and minds to become shuttered following negative experiences and end up living our lives at half-mast, terrified of vulnerability.
Yes the heart may be important, but what if you could equip one of the most useful organs in your body to assist you on a path to greater self-awareness? Would you make use of the opportunity?
Bulletproof Brain does just that as it provides you brain trivia, thought-provoking information and ways to train your brain into reaching for its highest possible potential. Get ready to make your brain work for you.

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