The Exiled Earthborn by Paul Tassi (ePUB, AZW3)

The Exiled Earthborn by Paul Tassi (Earthborn #2)
English | Science Fiction | EPUB, AZW3 | 2.5 Mb

In this thrilling sequel to The Last Exodus, Lucas and Asha have survived the decimation of Earth at the hands of the invading Xalans, and seek safe haven with their enemy’s true foes, the Sorans. They find a lush planet inhabited by civilization far more advanced than their own, waging an endless war against a constantly evolving enemy.
The Sorans call them the "Earthborn" and they’re welcomed as heroes, almost as gods. They swear an oath to avenge their fallen planet by aiding the Sorans in their war against Xala. But soon Lucas and Asha find Sora just as dangerous as apocalyptic Earth when they’re targeted by the Fourth Order, a rebel collective who decries them as false prophets and harbingers of further bloodshed.
Their friend and turncoat Xalan scientist Alpha believes he’s located someone who can help them turn the tide of the war for good, stranded on a conquered colony planet. After taking on the mission, Lucas and Asha find themselves in even greater peril off-world as a mysterious beast known only as the Desecrator has been dispatched to make them atone for their sins against the Xalans.
Escaping Earth was only the beginning. Their war isn’t over. Not yet.

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