The Game Trilogy by Anders de la Motte (ePUB)

The Game Trilogy: Game, Buzz and Bubble by Anders de la Motte
English | Mystery, Thriller | ePUB | 3.4 MB

The groundbreaking thriller trilogy taking the world by storm: a deadly game that blurs the line between reality and fiction.
Join Henrik “HP” Petterson in the thrilling world of the Game! This special bundle includes all three books in Anders de la Motte’s Game Trilogy: Game, Buzz, and Bubble. In Game, Henrik “HP” Petterson, a slacker with a big ego and no impulse control, finds a cellphone that invites him to play a mysterious, high-stakes game. HP loves the thrill, but it soon becomes clear there is something more sinister at play. In Buzz, HP is newly wealthy due to his success at the Game, but he misses the excitement. When he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Anna Argos, she throws HP’s life into chaos, pitting him against a threat whose existence he cannot prove. In Bubble, HP is living off the grid, hiding from both the police and the makers of the Game. With everything at stake, HP resolves to complete one final mission in order to expose the Game and finally uncover the truth behind it.

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