The Gift of the Dragon by Michael Murray (ePUB, MOBI)

The Gift of the Dragon by Michael Murray
English | 2013 | Mystery, Thriller | 713 KB

The world’s largest family business locked up a secret
Alice found the key
They want to kill her
She wants to set it free…
Narrowly escaping being killed when her best friend is murdered, Alice Sangerman is on the run. In her possession is a dragon necklace, a priceless artifact that the killer wants at all costs.
Despite her memories shattered by the wound she sustained in the attack, and with the necklace as one of her few clues, Alice is drawn into a cat and mouse game with the relentless killer. Determined to bring her to justice, Alice can’t rest until she knows the truth.
But Alice isn’t the only one on the killer’s tail. A paramilitary force, funded by one of the world’s largest corporations, wants them both. Dead or alive.
As the chase leads them from the forests of Oregon to the pristine sands of the Florida Keys, Alice finds that her memory and her friend aren’t the only things that she has lost because the game is far bigger than she ever imagined.

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