The Great Destroyer by Jack Thorlin (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

The Great Destroyer by Jack Thorlin
English | 2016 | Science Fiction & Fantasy | 1.2 MB

Six-hundred years in the future, technological development has stagnated, but the world is at peace. With war and hunger eradicated, humanity is content to address issues like dog park shortages. Then, an extraterrestrial spaceship appears in our solar system. Unsure about the aliens’ intentions and unprepared for a serious challenge, the world’s leadership struggles to develop plans for the planet’s defense. Because humans have not fought a real war in centuries, Amy Takagawa, a genius engineer, volunteers to build soldier robots that can protect Earth. She recruits a Russian criminal and a military history professor, and together the three build machines to face the alien threat. As tensions between the newly arrived aliens and humanity grow, the robots must become ever-more capable. How does the post-modern world that has evolved beyond violence treat those who protect it? And what will the world’s increasingly autonomous saviors do once they see what humanity has become? The Great Destroyer is a military science fiction novel that combines thrilling action with thought-provoking ideas about humanity’s future, the nature of war, and the meaning of heroism.

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