The Mark and the Void by Paul Murray (ePUB , MOBI)

The Mark and the Void by Paul Murray
English | Literary Fiction | EPUB , MOBI | 2 Mb

Claude is a Frenchman who lives in Dublin. His birthplace is famed as the city of lovers, but so far love has always eluded him. Instead his life revolves around the investment bank where he works. And then one day he realizes he is being followed around, by a pale, scrawny man. The man’s name is Paul Murray.
Paul claims to want to write a novel about Claude and Claude’s heart sings. Finally, a chance to escape the drudgery of his everyday office life, to be involved in writing, in art! But Paul himself seems more interested in where the bank keeps its money than in Claude-and soon Claude realizes that Paul is not all he appears to be …

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