The Queen of Pirates by Blaze Ward (ePUB, MOBI)

The Queen of Pirates by Blaze Ward (The Jessica Keller Chronicles #2)
English | Science-Fiction | EPUB, MOBI | 2.1 MB

If Jessica Keller wants to advance in the Republic of Aquitaine’s Navy, she must become more than just Aquitaine’s best fighting commander: she must learn diplomacy.
The First Lord sends her to a safe backwater ally, Lincolnshire, to learn.
However, Jessica finds herself neck deep in an Imperial conspiracy to over throw the King of the Pirates and ignite the entire border.
Jessica and Auberon must go to the very edge of the galaxy and far beyond mere diplomacy to stop them.
Be sure to also read "Auberon", volume one of The Jessica Keller Chronicles, as well as "Last of the Immortals", volume 3.

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