The Road Sharks By Clint Hollingsworth (ePUB)

The Road Sharks By Clint Hollingsworth (The Ghost Wind Chronicles #1)
English | Science Fiction | EPUB | 355 Kb

2057 A.D. 27 years after the Die-off, warrior scout Ghost Wind, betrayed by her lover, finds herself banished from her tribe and cast adrift in a world ravaged by a man-made bio plague. Embittered and ready to go it alone, Ghost Wind’s plans change when she meets Eli, a handsome rider engaged in a war with the notorious Road Shark gang. Ghost Wind doesn’t understand his hatred of these men until she meets them up close and VERY personal.
To survive, to have a new home, Ghost Wind realizes that she must be just as ruthless as her enemies, and that standing on the sidelines is a good way to lose everything.
In the tradition of Mad Max: Fury Road and the Road Warrior, The Road Sharks will drag you into the savage times of a deadly future and only Ghost Wind can lead you out.

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