The Truth Collector by Corey Pemberton (ePUB)

The Truth Collector by Corey Pemberton (Demon Marked Book 1)
English | Fantasy | EPUB | 206 kb

For Malcolm Morris, the truth is a curse.
It’s been like this as long as he can remember. People can’t stand being around him because his special “gift” causes them to reveal their lies and deepest secrets… all on their own.
Forced to scrape out a life on the margins in the decaying city of Lemhaven, Malcolm turns to private detective work. It’s mostly boring stakeouts and digging through trash… Until one case turns his world upside down.
As the bodies pile up, so do the enemies hunting him from every direction. Follow Malcolm’s harrowing journey into a world he never knew existed, and to a new truth to add to his collection:
The boundaries between the real and the supernatural aren’t nearly as solid as they seem.

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