The Whittier Trilogy by Michael W. Layne (ePUB, MOBI)

The Whittier Trilogy by Michael W. Layne (Omnibus)
English | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB, MOBI | 1.8 Mb

Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it can’t kill you.
The Trent Walker Thrillers are action-packed, supernatural thrillers. This bargain compilation collects the first three books in the series, which comprise the complete Whittier Trilogy.

Trapped in Whittier (Book 1): Trent Walker is a mentalist who makes his living off of people believing in magic and the afterlife, even though he doesn’t believe in anything other than logic and sleight of hand.
The two hundred residents of the strange, isolated town of Whittier, Alaska, are convinced that vengeful spirits and a horrific curse have doomed them to lives of eternal darkness.
When Trent finds himself trapped in Whittier with no way to leave until the next morning, he’s forced to escape the townspeople, reassess his own beliefs, and fight for his life against unnatural forces that his logical mind can’t explain.
Hunted Under Vegas (Book 2): Mentalist Trent Walker thought he had escaped the strange town of Whittier, Alaska, with only a few scratches and some bad memories that were best forgotten.
But that’s not all he took away with him.
A dark animal spirit has followed Trent to the tunnels under Las Vegas, and it wants to possess him for its own vengeful purposes.
Trent struggles to maintain control, but releasing the animal spirit inside him may be the only way to save the life of a woman he’s just met and to survive being hunted by something that may not even be human.
Buried in Alaska (Book 3): Trent Walker has never believed in the supernatural. But even he can’t deny that a dark force has attached itself to his mind and is using him as its deadly instrument of vengeance whenever and however it sees fit.
Desperate to rid himself of his supernatural burden, Trent and his girlfriend return to the strange, isolated town of Whittier, Alaska, where his troubles began.
What neither of them realizes is that, while they scour the shrouded Alaskan forests for an ancient shaman who may be able to help Trent, a twisted monster of a man who is supposed to already be dead is hunting them as well.

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