The Wild Rites Omnibus by Anna McIlwraith (ePUB, MOBI)

The Wild Rites Omnibus/Box Set – Books 01 to 04 by Anna McIlwraith
English | 2016 | Fantasy | 3 MB

Anna McIlwraith is the author of the urban fantasy series Caller of the Blood and the upcoming paranormal romance series Wayward Heart. She’s addicted to the mysterious power of using words to walk between worlds, and there’s nowhere she’d rather be than travelling the dusty roads and dark kingdoms of the worlds of her books. Sadly, one can visit those territories but never stay, which is the only reason Anna gets any reading of her own done.

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Book 1 – The Jaguar King
Violence. Magic. Inappropriate humor. Step into a world of wonder and savagery in a gritty urban fantasy with an unlikely heroine, sizzling heroes, and complicated villains. The Jaguar King is a full-length read and the first in a series, and all the books have satisfying resolutions as well as a series-spanning story arc. Definitely no cliff-hangers – just bad-ass shifters with one goal: claim the prize. Claim the Caller of the Blood.

Book 2 – The Jackal Prince
A hidden stronghold in the heart of Egypt — a kingdom on the edge of ruin, ruled by fear and forgotten magic. Emma’s got a few tricks up her sleeve, but she’s human, and she can be broken. Somehow she’ll have to get her friends out of the jackal kingdom alive before the jackals kill her first — or worse, find a way to claim her power for their own.

Book 3 – The Wolf’s Heir
A desperate king, a dying princess, and an orphaned boy who won’t speak of the horror that claimed his pack. But old enemies have been biding their time, and Emma’s promise to the wolves sets events in motion that will push her to the limits of her mind, body and soul, and finally awaken the ancient powers that have, until now, lain dormant within.

Book 4 – The Serpent Priest
Emma Chase is the Caller of the Blood, destined to command the magic of all shapechanging races. She’s been to Hell and back and she’ll never be the same, but she’s rebuilding her life — and her sanity — with the help of some totally unexpected allies. If only she knew how to heal the one person whose soul is bound to hers forever. But that’s soon to be the least of her problems, because there’s a war coming, and the only one who knows how to stop it is Alexi, the Serpent Priest.

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