Thicker Than Water by Sally Spencer (ePUB)

Thicker Than Water by Sally Spencer
English | Mystery, Thriller | ePUB | 913 KB

DCI Monika Paniatowski investigates a case that could be the making or, more likely, breaking of her career "
DCI Monika Paniatowski has only been back from maternity leave for three days when she is called in to investigate a nightmare of a case. Not only is the murder victim a mother of three small children, but her husband is a wealthy politician. Monika knows that if she can t make a quick arrest her career is on the line. It s lucky, then, that within minutes of meeting Councillor Danbury, she has a bruised face and a prime suspect.
But then the case takes a nasty twist, and suddenly the investigation is national news. Monika s sure she has the right man but how to prove it? Particularly when she s under pressure from her superiors to arrest anyone other than Councillor Danbury, president of the golf club and friend of her chief constable . . .

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