This is Devin Jones by Kristen Conrad (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

This is Devin Jones by Kristen Conrad
English | 2016 | Thriller & Suspense | 1.2 MB

Beverly Hills Police Detective Devin Jones has a problem – no, it’s not the dead body that turned up on the lawn of a washed up drunk Hollywood legend, and it’s not even that she’s been having an affair with the biggest actresses in the world who’s now marrying her male co-star, it’s that Devin has been set up on a blind date to the glamorous Hollywood Screen Awards – and not only is her date a dud, but when Devin comes back from a bathroom break during the show, the theater is eerily empty and a madman has taken 25 of the world’s biggest movie and TV stars hostage. Suddenly Hollywood’s biggest night becomes Hollywood’s biggest nightmare. Alone and unarmed, Devin Jones has to get them out. Or die trying.

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