Threat by Elena Ash (ePUB)

Threat: A Stepbrother Romance by Elena Ash English | Romance | EPUB | 221 Kb

Out of all of the dirty, rotten tricks David Banducci has played, making me fall in love with him was the cruelest of them all.
Leah Ever since middle school, David Banducci has been the bane of my existence. He was older, more popular, and intimidating as hell. He went out of his way to make my life miserable. I hated him for turning all the other kids against me and I still do. So imagine my surprise when I learn my absent-minded father went and married his stripper mother. Yeah, thanks Dad. Now David’s back in my life and he’s worse than ever. He’s harder. Stronger. He’s even more arrogant than I remember. I guess getting expelled from school and spending two years in juvi will do that to a guy. But worst of all, he’s hotter—I can’t keep my mind off him, even though I know it’s wrong in every possible way. And he’s going by the name Threat now, too. Which is fitting, because my stepbrother is a threat. One that sends shivers down my spine in the most delicious, and terrifying, of ways. All I want to do is get through the summer and make it to college in once piece, but if I have to spend one more second looking into his smoldering gaze, I just might shatter.
Threat No one burns me and gets away with it. Leah Parker had to learn that the hard way. Know-it-all, smart ass, goody-goody, nose always stuck in a book. She thought she was so much smarter than me once, and I never let her live it down for the rest of her high school existence. Now that my user of a mother has her claws sunk into Leah’s father, I get a whole new chance to torment her. And that’s why I’ve agreed to this bet. My father doesn’t think I can corrupt a sweet, young thing like Leah, but if I can, he’s ready to let me take over the one thing in this world I cherish, his tattoo shop, Tatter’d Ink. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. I can get revenge on my new stepsister. I can torture her in new, better ways. Like taking her tight, hot body and that mouth of hers that desperately needs kissing to shut her up. There’s just one problem… I might be falling in love.

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