Tomorrow I Will Kill Again by Matthew Allred (ePUB)

Tomorrow I Will Kill Again by Matthew Allred
English | Dark fantasy | ePUB | 453 KB

HOW WELL DO YOU REALLY KNOW THE ONES YOU LOVE? HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOURSELF? "…Paul woke from the nightmare sweating and gasping. He couldn’t believe it, but he’d actually shed a few tears. Images he could not quite recall flitted around his thoughts like dark songbirds. Something red. Something wet and heavy. He tried to stop his heart from throwing itself against his chest like a caged animal… He could feel the presence of someone else in their home…" Paul Kenner, a rising star in the world of historical war novels, has just moved in to his dream home. Everything is finally falling into place for him and his wife Jen; that is, until writer’s block sets in. When he begins writing a disturbing, yet childish horror novel, flying though the pages far faster than he’d ever worked on his books before, he doesn’t want to believe that anything is wrong. Yet it’s hard to ignore the thing in the woods near his home. The old thing, the wicked thing… the thing that’s been calling him closer. The thing that calls him "friend."

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  1. Wow!!! More fantastic books…. wow Thank you so much!!!!! 🙂 😀

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