Unbreakable Confidence by Zoe McKey (ePUB)

Unbreakable Confidence: How To Think Confidently, Live Fearlessly, And Achieve Your Dreams – Be The Hero Of Your Story by Zoe McKey
English | Non-fiction, Self-Help | ePUB | 127 KB

Is a fear of failure and judgment holding you back? Do you want to confidently be yourself and build your sense of self-worth?
Do you feel like you just aren’t good enough sometimes? That ends NOW.
Unbreakable Confidence teaches the necessary steps to break out from your vicious cycle of low self-esteem, lowered expectations, and perceived failure. This is the first step to creating the life you only dared to dream of.
Unbreakable Confidence is full of real-life examples, stories, and lessons to equip you for confident change. This is a book of action: proven techniques and advice with exercises to make your success inevitable and swift.
Fortune favors the bold and those who take matters into their own hands. You are the hero of this story – so act it!
Get ready for a complete overhaul of your life. Sometimes we just need the to ask ourselves the right questions – here, you’ll get those as well as the right answers. Your life is yours to create and change.

How will you learn to face your fears?
– Learn the essential secret of confidence.
– Handle judgment and guilt – quickly and smoothly.
– Eight easy steps to your most accurate self-perception.
– Change your mindset from negative to positive – instantly and permanently.

How will you learn to reach your goals?
– Identify your mental blocks from success.
– Learn to defeat your inner demons.
– How to take judgment and comparison and use them for yourself.
– The indisputable power of habit change.

How will Unbreakable Confidence change your life?
– Define a crystal clear vision of your identity and where you are heading.
– Feel comfortable and confident with yourself.
– Brush off other people’s opinions and judgments.
– Control your present and improve your future.
– Create possibilities out of failures.
– Achieve more than ever before.
– Evolve an unbreakable spirit and unshakable confidence, which will help you to get whatever you wish for.

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