Will the Sun Ever Come Out Again? by Nate Southard (ePUB, MOBI)

Will the Sun Ever Come Out Again? by Nate Southard
English | Horror | ePUB, MOBI | 563 KB

In these four novellas, Nate Southard blurs the line between crime fiction and cosmic horror to create a unique and frightening style that is all his own.

“He Stepped Through” – “The Shield” meets Lovecraft in this story of a gangbanger in South Central LA who opens an interdimensional portal that tears apart the psyches of both the gang members and the cops who investigate them.
“Something Went Wrong” – Two “fixers” in South Texas use mind-control magic to force witnesses to the supernatural into suicide.
“Deeper Waters” – After a flood puts the cursed town of Sulfur eight feet underwater, a backwoods magician named Charlie Crawdad sets up a showdown with a fish-like demon in a deserted diner.
“Safe House” – Heavily armed survivalists hole up in a cabin, awaiting the impending apocalypse. When their comrades go missing one by one, the remaining militants must rally to survive the strange force haunting the surrounding woods…if they don’t tear each other apart first.

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