World War IV: A Broken Union by James Hunt (ePUB, MOBI)

World War IV: A Broken Union by James Hunt (World War IV #1)
English | Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense | EPUB & MOBI | 1.3 Mb

James Hunt, author of the “Distressed” and “Agent Hill” brings you his next thrilling series: “WW4”
Two former super powers have resurfaced nearly half a century after The Great War and seek to destroy what the Mars brothers have built. While the alliance is shaky, their common hatred for the North Americans has sealed their accord. The drum of war has reached its rhythm. Alliances have been forged. Lines have been drawn. And now all that is left is for battles to be won and lost. With the Mars brothers separated, their forces are spread thin, and their allies are in no better shape. But there is no family more prepared than the Mars brothers in the arts of war.

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