Wounded Beast by Georgia Le Carre (ePUB)

Wounded Beast by Georgia Le Carre (Gypsy Heroes #2)
English | September 2015 | Romance | EPUB | 0.51 Mb

Dom’s story.
Book 2 in the standalone sequel to the Crystal Jake series. This is the second of a trio of books in the Gypsy Heroes series.

Ella Savage
Tax collecting is my profession. And I’m good at it. Dominic Eden is my next target, a magnificent male specimen for sure, but to me, he’s just another tax dodging crook.
I wasn’t prepared for our face to face. For the complicated beast that he is. Too late. Now he’s got under my skin.
Will I win, or will I be ruined, and end up as just another notch on this dominant Alpha’s bedpost?

Dominic Eden
I’m a hot blooded gypsy. Shaped by my terrible past, I take what I want when I want.
Physical, anytime, babe, but get too close, and I’ll simply walk away. Then life throws me an unexpected challenge. I can’t deny it – I want that sexy tax inspector. She’s provocative, she’s confident and she thinks she’s got the upper hand.
That’ll soon change, when I get her in my bed … when I’ve won our little tangle.

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