Wyatt by Kristina Weaver (ePUB)

Wyatt by Kristina Weaver (Lane Brothers #1)
English | 2016 | Romance | 1 MB

She doesn’t know me, but I know her. I’m the man who failed to save her four years ago. Kidnapping her wasn’t ideal, but it was necessary. Ellie’s life is again being threatened. The woman I love and want to spend my life with. I hate thinking about what my psychotic cousin will do to her. It won’t happen again. I want to start living again. I want to learn how to love again. I first meet Wyatt Lane after the idiot drugs me and I wake up on a heavily guarded estate in the middle of nowhere. If that isn’t crazy enough, he tells me that he plans to marry me and give me babies. Granted, they would be beautiful babies if they looked anything like him, but this is a man who admits to having watched me for a long time. Just like Bolton Conrad had… But unlike Bolton, Wyatt doesn’t hurt me. And even as the past resurfaces, I find myself wanting to do more than survive this time around.

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