435 Tango by R J Holligan

435 Tango by R J Holligan
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 226 KB

Rookie cop Stephen Quayle is already doubting his new career choice when he attends a drink driving related crash. The incident opens the door to a huge conspiracy that pits Quayle against unknown powerful enemies. Whilst trying to work out what is going on Qualye is still on duty dealing with drunks, drug dealers and people with mental and health issues.

As well as a new romance, the first since the premature death of his wife. His only choice is to go undercover on the wrong side of the law in a game of high stakes to reveal just who is pulling the strings. Arriving in Scotland he ends up playing the role of a terrorist involved in a plot to bring down the devolved government. Having crossed the line and broken most of the rules he overcomes his enemies, only to find danger closer to home. Finally, he returns to the streets to carry on his true job.

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