A Cold Dark Heart by Stephen Puleston

A Cold Dark Heart by Stephen Puleston (Inspector Drake #8)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 350 KB

Drake’s most dangerous killer and shocking case yet…
Accident or murder…?
When eighty-nine-year-old Emyr Isaac is found dead in his home, Drake and his team initially suspect a burglary gone wrong. Isaac was old, and his death was a tragedy, but it’s not a murder case…is it?
A grisly discovery…

Drake uncovers more suspicious deaths, all elderly victims, all seemingly innocent, but with one chilling connection.
A twisted killer…
If Drake’s suspicions are correct, they have a dangerous serial killer on the loose. Soon, the team realise that stopping this killer will require playing a dangerous game – how do you catch a murderer trusted by everyone?

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