A Day To Fight by Nick Williams

A Day To Fight by Nick Williams (The Grid Down #2)
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 145 KB

Even after being saved from the attack of the prison gang at the last minute by the National Guard, things have only become worse for Roy, Josie, and Alex.
Taken prisoner by the National Guard, Josie is transported to a prison camp many miles away from her family, and her only ally just may be Ben, one of the few members of the prison gang to survive the assault on the family’s homestead.
Meanwhile, Roy and Alex are left on their own at their homestead, but with Roy’s combat injuries and Alex’s badly needed medication running low, things look bleak especially when new forces begin to close in.
Knowing she has to get back to her family quickly, Josie finds herself with no choice but to join forces with Ben in an attempt to escape the camp and fight their way through a ruined city filled with hostiles. But is Ben really as trustworthy as he claims, or does he have other plans up his sleeve?

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