A Deadly Harvest by Scott Dovala

A Deadly Harvest by Scott Dovala
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 428 KB

Gio Venetti, the owner of one of the last remaining family-owned wineries in Healdsburg, California, is found dead on his office floor. Just a few weeks earlier, Gio had completed one of the most successful advertising campaigns the winery had ever known.

He had used his long-time close friend Peter Lansing, a world-renowned wildlife and landscape photographer to shoot the ad, and an up-and-coming English model Emily Taylor to be featured. Gio had handpicked Emily in hopes that she and Peter would hit it off.

The attraction between Peter and Emily was instantaneous. However, little did Gio know that his matchmaking would embroil Peter and Emily into a deadly game of cat and mouse with one of the most feared international businessmen known as “The Deadly Samurai.”

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