A Fairly Dangerous Thing by Reginald Hill

A Fairly Dangerous Thing by Reginald Hill
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 4.8 MB

Joseph Askern, English teacher in a village day school has three preoccupations: his fantasies about women that are quite unbecoming for such a proper gentleman; a hopelessly delinquent student; and a near obsessive fascination with the history of the noble estate of Averingerett.

Unluckily for Joseph, they are all about to collide. The filching father of the troubled pupil has engaged a call girl for her services in blackmail. The scheme: Joseph must aide in the master heist of the stately home (since he knows the place so well) or his immodest, career-ending indiscretion will go public—with pictures! Unable to wriggle free, Joseph agrees to navigate the caper.

But getting into Averingerett isn’t the problem. It’s getting out that will be more dangerous, unexpected, and scandalous than Joseph imagined.

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