A Night With No Stars by Sally Spedding

A Night With No Stars by Sally Spedding
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 374 KB

‘An alarming story of surprises and shocks…’ Gerald Kaufman, The Scotsman
The killing room won’t know the sun until late afternoon, but its damp shade is the perfect home for slaughter; its dimness the only blessing for those who must watch…
For Lucy Mitchell, her job as editor’s assistant at Hellebore Publishers was meant to be the start of a bright new future. But six years and a vicious attack later, the time has come for her to move on. Hoping to fulfil her own and her late father’s dream of a rural life, Lucy decides to move to Rhayader in Wales and arrives one stormy day to view the mysterious Wern Goch on the Ravenstone Estate.
But why is there such a heavy air of malevolence and melancholy shrouding the hall and its strange occupants? And why is the enigmatic Mark Jones so determined to drive her away?
It’s not long before the hall’s dark and violent history comes to light. Who butchered the sexy, manipulative Sonia Jones fourteen years ago? Who subjected her to that grotesque post-mortem then allowed the ravens to devour her body? What had she done to deserve such an end?

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