A Rose to the Torch by Bartholomew Lander

A Rose to the Torch by Bartholomew Lander
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 635 KB

“Leave no blood for the Rose.”
Coral never wanted to be a hemomancer. Why would she? In a world built on the wounds the hemomancers carved in history, being discovered as a bloodfiend is a death sentence. Once the greatest threat humanity ever faced, scientific and cultural advancements have pushed them toward extinction and into the shadows of society. But despite their struggles for survival in a world aligned against them, a hidden war between two of their most influential bloodlines is about to pour out of the shadows—and one seemingly ordinary girl stands in the center of it.

Coral is a high school graduate and closet hemomancer living in North Carolina. When a mysterious man from the Orchid Veil tracks her down, she finds herself pulled into the orbit of a war she wants nothing to do with. Disowned by her family and possessing blood coveted by the villainous Rosarium, Coral has little choice but to accept the aid of the Orchid Veil and set foot into a secret world of danger and intrigue. Will Coral be able to survive the war being fought over her own blood?

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