A Step Into The Dark by Vince Vogel

A Step Into The Dark by Vince Vogel (Jack Sheridan #5)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 506 KB

“…some tribes… used to believe that when they went into battle they were consuming the souls of their defeated enemies. I like that. I feel that. Feel my victims with me. Whispering. I’ve always been so lonely but not anymore. Not now that I have them with me.”
Teenagers camping in the woods have their revelry tragically interrupted when a lone gunman shows up with murder on his mind.

Jack gets the call as he leaves a meeting with his shrink. Visiting the scene he finds utter devastation, children murdered in the prime of life. There’s a single survivor. One left to tell the story.
As Jack and his colleagues are pulled further into the mire of a madman’s mind, the Scotland Yard cop has to deal with his daughter’s slip into madness and the sudden appearance of his grandson’s father.

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