A Taste of Home by C Derick Miller (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

A Taste of Home by C Derick Miller (Home Series Book 1)
English | Thriller, Horror | ePUB, MOBI, AZW3 | 1.6 MB

Toby Liberman is nearing the end of his rope. After a fateful confrontation with his wife’s lover, he is chased into the woods only to be discovered by an unidentifiable creature. He is attacked and rendered unconscious. Upon waking at the scene of a gruesome triple homicide, Toby is arrested as the sole suspect and thrown into a jail cell with a strange man that knows way too much about his predicament. The stranger reveals to Toby that he now possesses the curse of the werewolf. Using his new found strength to flee his captors, Toby begins to discover that things are not what they seem in the sleepy town of Twin Oaks, TX. Now hunted by law enforcement, as well as the town’s gun toting civilians, Toby seeks vengeance against his false accusers and embarks upon a quest to clear his name once and for all. As answers reveal more and more questions, everything Toby knew in life begins to crash down around him. Tragedy after tragedy forces him into a final confrontation with his pursuer revealing that Toby isn’t the only person in town with dark secrets. The ancient legend of the werewolf comes to life…with a Texas twist.

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