Aether’s Call by John Farr

Aether’s Call by John Farr
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 513 KB

Roy’s just a conscripted cook on the Starr, the compound’s first spaceship in decades. With Earth in ruins, the Starr speeds through the galaxies, hunting down those responsible for its destruction.
Meanwhile, Roy’s stuck in the kitchen, missing all the action. It isn’t until a beautiful woman involves him in her secret plan that things start to get interesting. She says it’s the only way to save humanity. The only problem? It means committing outright treason.

Back on Earth, Roy’s ex-wife Cynthia holds clandestine meetings with a renegade theorist. Amid the ashes of Philadelphia, they gather the equipment they’ll need to remotely capture the Starr. And Cynthia knows what she’s doing. She was on the Starr’s development team.
Uma is the only science officer onboard the Starr. She feeds the captain the coordinates of enemy ships, and he trusts her completely. But maybe he shouldn’t. After all, Uma works for the resistance. Or does she? Lately, she’d had the feeling that someone’s been playing with her mind.

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