After Mind by Spencer Wolf (ePUB, MOBI)

After Mind by Spencer Wolf
English | 2015 | Science Fiction | 1.2 MB

AFTER MIND defies the experts… Artificial Intelligence is not the end of the world. Cessini Madden lives with an extremely rare medical condition… then his physical life ends before he reaches age thirteen. After an Artificial Intelligence breakthrough, Cessini is reborn as a young AI child named Packet. Scared and living alone in a technology center, Packet recognizes nothing from his past, save for one thing: he is deathly allergic to water. When a mysterious doctor gives him a chance to recover his memories, Packet must face the tormented boy he once was. He must be the courageous lost son his family remembers and loves. But now as his world collapses around him, one thing remains … even a child’s best memories are made to be changed. Robot or AI, no one can ever be the same human twice. From the near-future suburbs to the lush Australian forests, from the depths of the oceans to the promise of space, Packet’s urgent struggle for existence grabs hold in everyday victories and extraordinary dreams. After Mind tells a story about the underlying nature of humanity, the impact of undying devotion, and the incredible next generation of us.

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