After the Galaxy: The Crucible by Scott Bartlett

After the Galaxy: The Crucible by Scott Bartlett
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 287 KB

An ancient evil rises. Can one captain save us?
Fairfax’s endgame is at hand. He has everything he needs to go to the galaxy’s Core and resurrect the Allfather, unleashing him on the galaxy’s unsuspecting populace.
Meanwhile, Joe has finally convinced his brothers to join him in the fight. Eight other Broadsword-class ships now fly with him across the sector. Together, they race toward the Core, determined to put a stop to Fairfax’s demented quest to enslave what’s left of the human species.

For Joe, it’s not about survival anymore. It’s about saving everything he holds dear.
If you like action-packed, run-and-gun military science fiction, you’ll love After the Galaxy. Download the book now and jump into the action.

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