Aftermath by Orlando A. Sanchez

Aftermath by Orlando A. Sanchez
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 332 KB

Creatures are roaming the nights of the city and only nulls can face them.
Meet Ursula Bjorn, werebear and Director of the Decons and Magical Nulls-Elite Division.

When buildings and structures are being destroyed in her city, Ursula thinks it’s the work of Montague & Strong—the local duo of demolition.
The truth is much worse. The Mourn—creatures of darkness that siphon runic energy are attacking Nexus Points, locations designed to keep the city safe from invasion.

Now, Ursula with her team must face the Mourn horde and stop them from destroying everything she holds dear. Or die trying.
When it all goes to hell…call the DAMNED.

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