All of Us by A.F. Carter

All of Us by A.F. Carter
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 310 KB

Meet the Grands:
Martha – a home-maker.
Victoria – a social butterfly.
Serena – a free spirit.
Kirk – a hot-blooded man.
Eleni – a risk taker.
Tina – a young girl with a dark past.
They’d get along fine, if they didn’t share a body.

Carolyn Grand’s traumatic childhood led to her developing six distinct personalities. The man responsible was convicted of child abuse and sentenced to thirty years in jail. The man responsible was her father, Hank Grand.
28 years later, when Hank Grand is released early from prison, Martha, Victoria, Serena, Kirk, Eleni and Tina must confront the man who made them.
But now Hank Grand is dead, murdered and Carolyn is the police’s primary suspect. Or suspects. Who really did it? Martha, Victoria, Serena, Kirk, Eleni and Tina don’t even know themselves. But one of them may be lying…

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