Amanda Carter in the L.A.Z., Life After Zombies by Jo Lee Auburne (ePUB, AZW3)

Amanda Carter in the L.A.Z., Life After Zombies by Jo Lee Auburne
English | 2016 | Science Fiction | 1.12 MB

In the LBZ, life before zombies, Amanda Carter had come to the city of Blythe, California, to pursue her passion of photography. She settled down on the remote outskirts of the small desert city where she had easy access to many isolated historical sites, caves, and mysteries to be uncovered that made for excellent material. At that time, she could not have imagined the event that would change the world and test her instinctual survival abilities. When the media had first begun announcing reports of an infection that was turning people into zombies, Amanda was incredulous that such a thing was possible. The infection quickly spread. Cities were barricaded in an attempt to isolate the infection. But the measures put into place to protect the people were too late in coming. Societies, worldwide, collapsed and rapidly slid into chaos. Amanda Carter becomes one of the few survivors of this apocalyptic event. She must learn how to keep herself, and the others that she has teamed up with, safe.

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