Among The Ruins by James M. Carmichael

Among The Ruins by James M. Carmichael (Corsa Moran #2)
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 420 KB

Global warming has reshaped Britain, with most of the larger cities drowned in a catastrophic flood. In the remaining ruins, survivors must adjust to a harsh new society where freedom has become a luxury few can afford, rights are an indulgence, and the State sees all.
When a body is discovered at an abandoned transit camp, Detective Corsa Moran is troubled by two key questions. Why can the victim not be identified when everyone in the post-flood surveillance society is registered and recorded? And why does such a well-dressed body bear the scars of a poor and violent past?
In the face of official indifference and hostility, Corsa pursues the killer even as she faces deepening crises in her personal life. The trail leads her through the homes of those without status to the door of a powerful and dangerous enemy.
Corsa knows that she is uncovering the truth of something much deeper than a brutal murder. She knows that to continue the investigation could end her career, and put her life in danger.
But she does not know how to stop.

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