Ancient Relics by Jim Rudnick (ePUB, MOBI)

Ancient Relics by Jim Rudnick (The Rim Confederacy book #4)
English | Science Fiction | EPUB & MOBI | 1 Mb

"Taking on a new Captaincy with the Barony means that our Captain Scott can now live a life of ease. His drinking will be tolerated, his hangovers ignored and he will be in charge of the newest fastest Supra Destroyer in the RIM Confederacy.
Life is good for Tanner who enjoys his new ship and the favors of the Lady St. August yet the PTSD he still suffers from the thwarted prison escape on Halberd still haunts him. He copes but needs support from loyal friends and that keeps him going.
Except he soon learns that the simple task of doing his shakedown cruise on the BN Atlas means that he inadvertently finds a discovery that will shake the very foundations of science all across the galaxy.

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  1. crap! lol i have books 1 & 2 but i have not found books 3 and now you give me book 4 lol and i can’t read it till i find book 3….

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