Apex Predator by S.M. Douglas

Apex Predator by S.M. Douglas
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 348 KB

A fast paced and bloody take on the werewolf legend will make you double check that the locks are secure for the night.

The gruesome deaths of several high profile bankers threaten to destabilize a fraying system of global order, causing national security experts to scramble for answers. A disgruntled FBI Agent striving to bring to justice the corrupt individuals responsible for wrecking his community is instead ordered to protect those same Wall Street power brokers. In the postindustrial wasteland of a bankrupt Detroit he stumbles onto a horrifying lead capable of not just cracking the case, but with potentially explosive ramifications for the future of mankind.

Meanwhile, a team of historians investigating a mysterious Second World War era mass grave make a startling discovery in a medieval village located deep within a foreboding Ukrainian valley. When the FBI agent follows a lead to that same village he and the historians are forced to confront the tragic history of Eastern Europe’s blood lands. There they struggle to reconcile their findings with the evidence that a mythic evil is real, hungry for blood, and murderously intent on keeping its existence a secret until able to set in motion events that could change human history.

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