Artifice by Patrick Gooch

Artifice by Patrick Gooch
English | 2017 | Mystery and Thriller | EPUB | 368 KB

It’s all in the art of deception…. 

When Alan Cleverden is left a number of paintings in his grandfather`s will, he is uncertain whether they are originals or well-produced copies. But an unscrupulous trader in works of art knows their true worth; and exploits the situation, involving Cleverden in his shady activities. 

A major heist is planned by the trader, which first necessitates the theft of many of Turner`s paintings. These are held to ransom in exchange for priceless artifacts displayed in the British Museum. 

Once again, Alan Cleverden is unwittingly swept up in this unlawful venture. One word to the authorities, he would most certainly serve time. 

A pawn in a highly-charged affair, the odds are against him as he tries to free himself from the trader`s clutches; ensure the safety of the Turners; and return to their original owners the paintings acquired by his grandfather during the Second World War. 

A fast-paced thriller, Artifice is a must read for those who appreciate fine art, and are drawn to mysteries that hold you spellbound to the very last page. 

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