Asset Seven by James E Mack

Asset Seven by James E Mack
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 330 KB

The CIA. The Iranians. The Russians. An agent running for his life…

Karim Ardavan knows he’s being followed. As a member of Iran’s elite Quds Force, he knows the signs all too well. But as an Asset for the CIA collecting intelligence on a secret Quds Force facility in the mountains, Karim can’t be caught. He needs to escape his watchers so he can trigger his exfil and get his information to his CIA Handler. Make it to the high passes of the Zagros mountains to have any hope of surviving.
When Vic Foley receives the signal that his Asset is on the run and bringing out vital Intel, the CIA officer implements the Asset’s exfil plan. With Washington’s reluctance to risk escalating hostilities within the region, Vic knows that he’ll have to make do with what little support he can find for himself.

In Syria, Master Sergeant ‘Ned’ Kelly is leading the fight against the last bastion of Islamic State when he receives the request to assist the CIA in recovering an Asset from the border of Iran and Iraq. No stranger to these deniable operations, Ned and his team of Delta Force operators deploy with Vic to the Iraqi side of the mountains to await the arrival of the Asset.

But the Asset is being hunted, and the hunters are getting closer. For the General in charge of the operation, the hunt is personal. His secret Quds facility at risk of compromise if the Asset makes it to his CIA Handlers. But the General has allies that he can reach out to help him. Allies who hate the Americans even more than he hates the traitor Ardavan. Russian allies…
And when Vic learns the nature of the information his Asset is bringing out, he is left with no choice; the team must go into Iran and get him. As the elite forces race against time and each other to get to the Asset first, the Zagros mountains become the front line in a deadly cat and mouse game for the ultimate prize: Asset Seven.

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