Astonishing Stories: The Complete Fiction by Various Authors

Astonishing Stories: The Complete Fiction by Various Authors
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Astonishing Stories was a pulp science fiction magazine, published by Popular Publications between 1940 and 1943. It was founded under Popular’s “Fictioneers” imprint, which paid lower rates than Popular’s other magazines. It was pulp-sized throughout its run, with 112 pages and a cover price of 10 cents. The volume numbering was regular, with four volumes of four numbers. It was bimonthly for the first eight issues; the next four were on an irregular schedule, and the last four, from October 1942, were bimonthly again.
The magazine’s first editor was Frederik Pohl, who also edited a companion publication, Super Science Stories. After nine issues Pohl was replaced by Alden H. Norton, who subsequently rehired Pohl as an assistant. The budget for Astonishing Stories was very low, which made it difficult to acquire good fiction, but through his membership in the Futurians, a group of young science fiction fans and aspiring writers, Pohl was able to find material to fill the early issues. The magazine was successful, and Pohl was able to increase his pay rates slightly within a year. He managed to obtain stories by writers who subsequently became very well known, such as Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. After Pohl entered the army in early 1943, wartime paper shortages led Popular to cease publication of Astonishing. The final issue was dated April of that year.

About Astonishing Stories Cover Gallery
February 1940
Chameleon Planet – Polton Cross
White Land of Venus – Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.
Half-Breed – Isaac Asimov
Elephant Earth – Gabriel Barclay
Asteroid – Lee Gregor
The Lifestone – Paul Edmonds
After the Plague – Martin Vaeth
April 1940
The Space-Beasts – Clifford D. Simak
Murder from Mars – Richard Wilson
Master Control – Harl Vincent
Salvage of Space – Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.
The Callistan Menace – Isaac Asimov
Stepsons of Mars – Ivar Towers
June 1940
He Conquered Venus – John Russell Fearn
Joshua’s Battering Ram – Malcolm Jameson
The Devil’s Pocket – F.E. Hardart
Into the Darkness – Ross Rocklynne
Children of Zeus – E.A. Grosser
Improbability – Paul Edmonds
A Miracle of Time – Henry Hasse
August 1940
The Deadly Swarm – Edwin K. Sloat
Bon Voyage! – Arthur G. Stangland
The Element of Logic – R.R. Winterbotham
The Cat-Men of Aemt – Neil R. Jones
Woman Out of Time – Frank Belknap Long
Wedding of the Moons – Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.
The Lodestone Core – D.D. Sharp
October 1940
Quicksands of Youthwardness (Part One) – Malcolm Jameson
Mister Island – E.A. Grosser
Stepson of Space – Raymond Z. Gallun
The Future’s Fair – Vincent Reid
Personality Plus – Ray Cummings
Other World – Harl Vincent
Flight to Galileo – Lee Gregor
etc… etc… etc…

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